Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pasta and the Stupid Ghost

Im going attend a 5 hour pasta party later and I'm exercising my stomach for a 5 hour non stop munching of pasta and spagehetti, hoping also to eat a stuffed pizza and biggie upsize of Coke, and more pasta...ahahha..I'm so excited for the party.
coz its a pasta party!

stop bugging me!

damn that ghost while ago, me and Lace were awake and we slept at 5am coz we talk on the phone non stop that night coz she has can't sleep and i can't sleep too. that time I have already an eerie feeling that someone is walking near my bed, but its okay coz I'm already used to it and I know that they don't disturb me.

The bad thing is that I thought that my 3rd eye is closed, and i know it is closed for almost 5 months already, and I think It opened when I watched this reality tv show "NGINIG" in Studio 23, and damn..I knew it ! that my 3rd eye opened.

I was about to sleep at 5am, we have already finished talking on the phone and started to be sleepy and then when Im going to sleep and be super relax and I'm abou t to come to dreamland, I have this electrifying feeling coming from me ear and then to my head and to my body..I know its a ghost but I just dont mind it and reject it if it tries to possess me or get in contact.

I tried to sleep again..and approaches me again.but my technique is to slightly force my eyes and feel the ghost enters my body through my ear..

....and recognize it.who it is.... and damn...its a female ghost..
coz..I tried to speak..I didnt hear my voice..but an eerie voice of a female..a ghostly voice that replaces my voice.

all my senses became numb....and my vision becomes blurry....ready to pass out.
I tried to fight for it..coz it doesn't give any contact to me. so I reject her and opened the lights and told her to stop..and leave me alone..

when I'm going to sleep with the lights up. she attacked me again..
I wasn't afraid, but I was strong while ago, I was so pissed out!!!!
If i can punched that ghost... I will !!!

so I went down and sleep on the floor beside the bed of my sister.
and then..I got a good sleep after that, and my sister told me why I slept on the florr near her bed,

I told her what happened. and she laugh at me.
and she knows and understand that I can sense spirits.
then later..she think who that could be. that is here some kind of death anniversary of a relative.

maybe its someone we know that we already forgotten.
whoever she/he is...may their souls rest in peace.