Friday, October 16, 2009

A ghostly reminder

it happened this 2am morning, I'm in the dining room surfing the net and doing some photo editing jobs and I'm planning to go to sleep after the upload. The place became quiet as I focus myself to the laptop. Then I heard a knocking sound that knocks on a wood. I didn't mind it at first, I just think that it maybe came from outside the house. Then heard it again the knocking sound, I looked to my legs and see if I accidentally hitting the table's leg, then I found out that I'm not shaking my legs or hitting the table leg. I looked outside to see the wooden rocking chair if it is moving or maybe a wind might knocked some of those wooden plant holder.

But everything is normal and undisturbed, then heard it again. But I just think that it maybe my imagination. Then I felt this weird feeling and a sense of awareness that I am not alone. My body begins to shake, I got pissed off to know that someone is here with me. I immediately log off and went to the bed room.

almost near to sleep, I heard the knock wood sound again from down stairs. I got paranoid and think what it could cause. I told Lace that I'll go down and check the house. For me, that ghost sound is something that I must know and find its meaning.

then I found out that the main door is unlocked. People here at home forgot to locked it before going to sleep. I opened the door and went outside the house, and double check the main gate if it is lock. But the gate is okay and locked, then I looked to the door and said to myself... wow, the ghost reminded me to lock this door.

Im very thankful that the ghost is helpful in reminding important things here at home before going to bed. Robbery and akyat bahay is very active here in the village at night time. I'm very glad that I managed to go back down and bravely faced that ghost fear and lock the door of the house properly.


last week, I'm still up and surfing the net again, finishing some projects and cramming for that deadline.. it was 3am when I saw a white thing floats and crossed infront of the window.. I know that it wasnt a bird...but looking at the window again makes me scared... I went back to the window and closed it. i got sacred of that white floating thing..and decided to go to bed.

Halloween is approaching. I know everyone loves ghost stories or tv features about ghost.. I always stay away on those shows or read someone's blog or stories about their encounter. Because whenever I listen or watch tv with those features.. my 3rd eye opens slowly and its hard to manage to control it... so there you go.. a little trivia why I don't like the Halloween mania every year.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

some warning....

I'm doing this just to remove the bad vibes and negative energy, I'm getting lots of premonition that there's something bad will happen to me tonight. I see and bump my old good friends today in the mall and the street, its a good meet up for me unexpectedly, but sound like a bad premonition that it might be my last good bye to them.. let's just see if the negative vibes can be turned to good ones. I can't die young now.