Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 hour before

its 1 hour before 4am, and Im here blogging into something that will stay me awake for another one hour. We will be leaving at 4am to get a bus ride going to Tayabas, Quezon to visit the cemetery in observance of the All souls day.

Im here in Pasig with my sister and I lived here originally and its cold in here, the temperature here in our house didnt change at all, but it is so weird that my 3rd eye just opened again and now im blogging just to let these noises stop bothering me, my TV is on and tuned in to MTV, listening to music and all.

and while I type this, I just dont want to stop any fingers in typing, because my 3rd eye is opening again and i dont want to go insane and feeling these kind of eerie stuff. my sister is sleeping and i just cant get myself to sleep. im seeing movements in my left side near the door. damn...damn... i should have turn the lights on.

ok turn the lights in the kitchen area.

-- click.

im hearing weird noises outside and it is just so weird that no one outside is awake at this time at a dark area in front of our door, carrying a shovel dragging it from the ground.
and beginning to dig something..

i just remembered that there are no open soil infront or nearby, all cemented flooring
so it is just weird to hear this someone digging and using a shovel.

why shovel ? because im hearing this metallic thing being dragged and someone is cleaning up or picking up something outside.
and it is impossible to anyone enter here because the gate in this compound is closed and all people are sleeping.

it is just so weird.. now im feeling not good today.
just like the old days when i felt like professor xavier of the x-men, i can track and pin point were all these whie ladies are located.
and yeah! pretty scary , because some of them are staying in the roofs of some houses.

now im beginning to get a chill in here.

to relax my self im now starting to google some images of Brandi Svenning just to relax my self. but i think the case is too late for me.. i felt that half or 1/3 of my 3rd eye is opened. and it is more better than opening it all. maybe someone just triggered this accidentally.
or maybe a spirit nearby is guarding us.. and yeah..i guess its our grand parents from my father side, because they know we will be visiting them today in our province.

its going to be an exciting ride today, 5-6 hours of continious ride from Manila to San Pablo to Lucena to Candelaria to Tayabas. whew! it will be a busy ride today..

il be blogging again if theres an internet connection there or at least a wifi hotspots in the mountains..

booo !!!!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Banshee in cavite.

damn...are banshee real?
im not so sure about it, but i just googled it out and saw an article in wikipedia that banshee are part of this irish theme. i know theres a guy who scared us years ago about banshees, ya know when people with 3rd sense group around and we create this so called giant radar which we pick up signals from the netherworld. hmmm

well, me the other night, just experienced this weird encounter..or i shall say that i heard this some kind of female screaming some kind of a shriek. that i think cames from above and floats around the village.
were i got disturbed when all the house dogs in the village went crazy and wild due to the noise.
and im double sure that it is not an airplane. coz i know how plane sounds like. not sure about that., but i;l just listen to it and never look at it.
but believe me, i know what i heard and im blogging it right now.

hmmm..another case for my Azrael's other world

In Ireland, the Banshee, who is supposed to be a fairy woman (bean, woman; sidhe, fairy) is said to wail and cry when members of certain families are about to die. It has never been established, however, why this ghostly creature follows some families.