Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ted Failon premonition

I was sick since Friday and still recovering til Monday. I watched TV Patrol at exactly as it started. Ted Failon was there and he did the 1st report for the tv news show. But then he suddenly lost himself and began to re-read some words on the teleprompter, he did another error relaying the report before his 1st report ends.

After seeing that on live tv, I began to question myself that Ted Failon might be in trouble, or maybe has a problem, and maybe its a personal problem, then I just continued to watch it til the end of TV Patrol.

then before the end of TV Patrol, Ted Failon pops op on the screen and apologizes to the public that they showed a photo of a wrong person from their previous report, then they corrected it by replacing it with a different photo of a person that was supposed to be flashed on screen. And then after that, the camera switch on and focuses on the 3 newscasters, it was immediately shown after Ted Failon apologetic announcement.

then I noticed something wrong with him.

then after a few days..

this report came in