Sunday, August 10, 2003

im getting lots of nightmares !

last another one !
damn....that nightmare almost killed me!
ryan tried to wake me at that time.....because of my weird snore !

damn...maybe il go to a church or pray before i go to sleep.

getting horror dreams are not so fun...although is just like watching a movie..
at that time...i know it is a dream my imagination kicks off and make it that im the HERO !

whats my dream
there was this certain place...its a a school.
and there are lots of students in there
there was a time i gate crashed in that school, and found out that the students are being drug and controlled by this female teacher.

then. i was caught and they tied me up. and i discovered that they will disect my body and show it to the students
the anatomy of a living human being....they will disect my body even im awake !

it brings me creeps...suddenly i got out of the operation table with a help of a friend. we escpae and then got out of the place safely...

there is this drug that can hypnotize people....or its some kind of gas...

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