Friday, August 29, 2003

one last night got some problems sleeping. and i thought it was the
bottlemless coffee i take in Cinzeo, thanks ariel for the treat ! ehheeh.

i slept early that night (aug26), 10pm and when i started to close my
eyes and ready to sleep. suddenly i feel a little weird on the
environment around me , and having a weird feeling as i look out to the window.
And started to feel and know that...i am not alone....

as i figure out that someone is with me...theres a ghost-spirit-unseen
friend inside my sister's room...i just ignored it...and because im
used to happend all the time...when i started to ignore this
"friend" i just feel a little sleepy and just let it do what it wants...and
then when im about to go to my deep sleep..suddenly i heard the voice
of this "friend"...

the unseen friend makes a "wooooooooooo" sound, after hearing it..i
just think that maybe some of the neighbors made the woooooo sound...but
the sound came from near the top my i did just ignore it and
go back to sleep.

i just identified the ghost was a female...maybe on its mid 20s
..i got this some sort of blurred vision during my sleep...and that time
i was already dreaming...

suddenly my sister woke me up...and she wants me to sleep in my i went down and go back to sleep i started to close all
the lights....the holy weirdness feeling came back and much more

then...i tried to sleep...but the problem is that i can't sleep.i dont
know what will i do..then suddenly..i feel the presence of a 2 ghost
roaming near me...and feeling that their looking at face point
blank...and it disturb my sleep..i didnt know what to do...i just ignored them
and tried to get back to sleep..but these 2 ghost...a female and a i began to sleep i see some blured images in my head the facial
features of them...the female has a long hair-a brunette.while the male has
a blurry image .so i didnt take time to see it...and maybe im not
soooooo interested on looking in their faces....

then .suddenly.i was dreaming..i dont know if i'm dreaming , because my
mind is half stepping on the dream world and half on the
real world..a new experience for me...i guess so.

then i wake up that time...after seeing some images..and i remember
that they are trying to communicate to me..but all i did is just ignore
because im not the expert on talking to dead people..and im not ready
face them..

still they refuse to let me sleep..then ...i woke up and i say the word
" let me go to sleep!" then after that..i stand up ..with my eyes
closed and open up the lights...then ...slowly i opened my eyes...look
around and then switch on the TV !...

then...i turn on my pc and played some games and back up my files.
just to forget the eerie and ghostly experience at that night...

then ...i slept at 7am...feeling a little bit tired....

i was thinking that...who are those 2 spirits and why are they here.... looking some connection if the Planet Mars is the reason why
these kind of "gift" is very active..

i like to share lots of experience but it will take more time to narate
all of this...

still...i began to ask question........why?

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Hannah said...

omg scary!!! that image.. did you take it? freakyyy man